Traditional website builds usually mean paying 50% or more upfront, and you could be waiting anywhere from six months to two years – and in extreme cases, longer – before your website goes live.

In a world where purchase decisions increasingly start with a Google search, having a website – a fully functioning, lead-generating website – is absolutely essential. A website may be costly, yes, but your business will not succeed without one and you cannot afford to wait months or even years for it.

Lease Your Website

Surely there is a smarter, more cost-effective solution that enables you to get a website that will help you to generate leads? There must be an approach that will allow you to spread the cost of the website build and not have to wait six to twelve months before your website launches?

Lease your website. Don’t buy it!

Instead of “buying” your website and using a traditional design process which freezes your existing website in its current state whilst all the new development takes place, consider leasing your website and utilising Growth-Driven Design.

It’s entirely possible. Spread the cost of your new website over twelve months. In the same way that people lease a car, the same can be done for your website.

Leasing your website might sound strange but it is effectively the next ‘logical’ step in clever website design and search engine optimisation. You can now pay a low setup fee and then an affordable weekly amount, we take responsibility for the website build, manage and maintain your website on your behalf for the duration of the lease– allowing you to focus on running your business.

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