We’ve all heard it: “Content is King.”


BUT Your Time is Short.


Below is my ultimate solution & procedure outline that will help you solve that exact problem.


This is my Content Creation Shortcut – How To Create 1 Years Worth of Real, Relevant, Useful Content that actually helps to attract more of your “ideal prospects.”


This outline is the result of a real client conversation I had recently when he stated he needed to start creating content by writing blog posts.


I suggested to him that when you create one blog post, you only have one blog post…. I suggested to him I may have a better way. At the end of the conversation, I realised you may need to know this too.


It’s fast and produces so much material that you’ll always have seed ideas to expand upon AND with the analytics you’ll have access to (following this procedure), you’ll then know exactly which material is best use of your time to expand upon.


Lets get started.

A much better way to create content than a blog post:

1) Research your topic as if you know nothing about it by entering a question about it into Google.


Your goal is to get as many questions gathered about your products and services as you can (1 years worth is a min of 52 questions)


For example, I enter into Google search: how to get a power of attorney for


2) Copy the suggested search terms and note the order they are in: This is an indicator of relevance.




If there is a GOLDEN NUGGET/Pearl of Wisdom of info that applies to ALL these questions (at the root level) then with a little more effort, one video can be modified and used for all of these search queries. See One Video Repurposed Below.


3) Note the “People Also Ask” section: (scroll down slightly and you should see a section similar to the image below)

Note: When you click to expand one of the arrows in the people also ask section,, more questions will populate at the bottom:


4) Realise:

These are the exact questions people are typing into Google related to your topic, products and services.

Note: Within 30 seconds we now have 14 relevant questions/searches identified as relevant to our topic AND these questions are the exact words and search phrases people are searching for on the internet related to your topic – this step eliminates “guessing.”



Once you’ve gathered your list of questions and have entered them into a spreadsheet or document, (for easy reference) take out your phone turn on your video camera and create a video. This is the video creation outline I suggest:

  1. State the question you are going to answer
  3. Answer the question (brief short answer – no more than 2 minutes TOTAL).
  5. Tell them how to find out more – State Your Call To Action

Making One Video is the equivalent of creating potentially over 30 different pieces of content for future use.

Some examples below:

30 ways to repurpose content (there’s more but this will fuel the brain)


Tip: Transcribe the Video (Temi.com) and also extract the audio from it.


Then this one piece of video content can now be used for:


Your Blog
A Guest Blog Post
Live Event Webinar
Pre-recroded evergreen webinar
Webinar Training Materials (upload the video to webinar platform)
Ecourse Materials
Ezine Articles
Online Course – Expand upon topics at a deeper level.
Blog Talk Radio
List Building Freebie (Special Report for each One)
Signature Speech
Kindle Book
Hard Cover Book
Small Event
Coaching & Mentorship
Membership Sites
Press Releases – Expert positioning topics (the secret word here is “Publicity”)
Vip Days
Lead Magnets
White Papers
Case Studies

NOTE: These videos when uploaded to YouTube (the second largest search engine) will provide you the insights you need as to what content you create is the most popular – and why. YouTube analytics will provide insights you cannot buy for any amount of money.

I use these insights for market validation testing prior to doing any major effort on a marketing campaign.

5) Once you have created your videos, upload them as unlisted to YouTube.

Then once they are uploaded, set the title (type in the question it answers), the description and the tags BEFORE you make the public. Not following this order and uploading them as public before you optimize them, will hurt the chance of it being ranked high in the search engines (and it generally takes 3x-5x longer).

Tip: You can set your YouTube channel default upload to be unlisted instead of public.

Once you have all of your videos uploaded, you now should have enough content for the next year for your blog (and all the other additional places is can be used to grow your brand).

If you have any questions about this and would like to know more, call me.

Fred Gillen0403 865 677

Special Section: One Video Repurposed

You cannot take a single video and upload it multiple times to YouTube. It will get flagged as “duplicate content.”

How I work around this is I add a soft background audio track to the video. This way the audio print is slightly changed and it will then usually pass the auto duplicate content algorithm “smell test” that runs when you upload a video.

The important part is that IT HAS to be relevant information to the question being answered and if it gets flagged for any reason, a human reviewer at YouTube will generally accept the fact it does answer a search query question and will allow you to have what is essentially one video answering multiple questions being searched.

Fair Warning: This is an advanced procedure, requiring some video editing and enhancements of each video (and its info). If not done properly, you can lose your YouTube account.

If interested in learning more about how you can have this done for you, you are invited to call me and we’ll chat. Note: There is a minimum investment required.