Are you aware that you can quickly and easily communicate with your customers using artificial intelligence?

Software known as a Messenger Bot can communicate with your customers without you being present.

It is programmed to understand what your prospective customer is asking, and it then formulates an answer that appears as if it came from a human.

You can communicate with your prospective customers by building your own Messenger Bot on Facebook by linking Facebook Messenger with a third party BOT platform provider ( See Below).

A Facebook Bot is simply a program (script) that performs automated tasks, send automated replies and chat with users using pre-set clickable responses for a sequential set of questions.

You goal is to produce a BOT that encourages interaction.

There are tools available now that make this easy for non-programmers to create your own BOTS by following some simple instructions.

Looks like Chatfuel, Manychat,, Mobile Monkey to name just a few.

I currently use ManyChat to build BOTS for myself and my clients.

Tips for those who are ready to build their Facebook Messenger Bot.

Keep in mind that no bot can do everything.

  • Keep it simple.
  • Select one goal or use for it to handle.
  • Popular goals include: customer service, lead identification, product promotion or discovery.
  • Set your customer’s expectations.

Your prospective customer will need to have some idea about the purpose of Chatbots, so you must clearly define the chatbot’s role in the initial interactions.

This way your bot will teach your customer (or user) how to interact with it. provided they are not confused about how it works.

Personalise your chatbot.

Another good thing about Chat BOTs is that they allow you to segment your customers based on their reactions to your questions, this way you get to know them and you can engage them at a better level.

Inviting people to identify their preferences and narrowing down options promote higher click-through rates.

Bots are still new, their purpose is to save both you and the users time.

Incorporating a Facebook Bot in your business does not mean humans are not needed, automated conversations are speedy and responsive, but they do not replace people.

At all times customers must be able to connect with a person.

Be sure your customers retain power over their private information.

Your bot won’t replace email, a customer service employee or apps yet. But it does offer some features of all three.

Bots will continue to evolve, more features will be added as the market dictates.

As with any marketing tool or process, it is necessary to constantly monitor your bot’s performance and continue to monitor its strengths and measure its performance.

When should I create my 1st BOT?

Now is the time to set up your Facebook BOT, your business can only benefit from this unique software and marketing opportunity.

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